Meeting of the Aberffraw Community Council

held via ZOOM, at 7 pm Wednesday the 30th September 2020


Present: J H Owens (Chair), M T Smithurst, E Evans, C G Topps, K Woods, Cllr P Rogers, Cllr B Owen


Public: M Mahon, P Owen, J Owen

Apologies: R B Owen, A Jones, A Hughes


1. Village Hall Accounts

1.1 The Chair welcomed everyone and invited Mr Mahon to speak first. Mr Mahon mentioned an incorrect item on the Aberffraw Community Council Audit, which is now with the Welsh Audit Commission. Mr Mahon was reminded by the Chair that the item under discussion was the request by the Community Council for access to the Village Hall Accounts for the accounting year 01/04/2019 to 31/03/2020. Mr Mahon questioned why the Community Council required the accounts as they had already been subject to an independent audit and were also scrutinised by the Charity Commission. The Community Council are within their jurisdiction to periodically have access to the accounts. This item is ongoing and will be discussed at a future meeting.

2. Village Hall Insurance

2.1 The Village Hall building and fixtures were revalued for insurance purposes on 26th August 2020.

2.2 Discussion is ongoing regarding the advice of the insurers Zurich Municipal advice that under normal procedures, the Village Hall Management Committee should be considered as tenants and therefore responsible for the insuring of all moveable fixtures and contents. Mr Mahon and the Community Council require clarification and quotation of costs. This item is ongoing and will be discussed at a future meeting.

Action: Clerk to obtain quote.

3. Public Toilet

3.1 Due to time constraints on a ZOOM meeting and that costs of running the Public Toilet were not to hand, the Chair made the decision that this item would be discussed at a future meeting.

C G Topps proposed arranging a meeting with the Village Hall Management Committee to discuss matters pertaining to the Hall. Seconded M T Smithurst.

4. Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on 19th August 2020 were accepted as a true record, proposed. Proposed KW, Seconded C G Topps.

Action: Clerk to post on Notice Board at the Village Hall and on the New Website.

5. Matters arising from the minutes of the meeting held on 19th August 2020

5.1 Grass Verge between Chapel Street and Llewelyn Street. The grass has at last been cut. The possible purchase of the land from Bodorgan Estate had been approached before and it was proposed by M T Smithurst and seconded by K Woods that the Community Council try again to purchase the land.

Action: Clerk to write to Bodorgan Estates

5.2 Stones missing on the Old Bridge. Engineers have twice been to inspect the Old Bridge, accompanied by Cllr B Owen. CADW must give permission and this has been delayed due to restrictions of Covid-19. It was proposed that the stones be removed from the Estuary to preserve them this has now been done and have been made safe ready to put back on the Bridge. Cllr B Owen is in constant contact with CADW

5.3 Road to the Lake. Cllr B Owen has again contacted the County Council Highways Department for an update on this.


6. Correspondence

6.1 Peter and Jan Owen submitted a copy of a letter written to the Highways Department at Ynys Mon Council regarding the speed limit on A4080 and were requested by the Chair to put forward their concerns. The 40-mph limit from the village stops before the crossroads down to the Car Park and Pandy Bridge and then changes to NO SPEED LIMIT. This year has seen an increase of cars and camper vans parking on both roads at this point on the A4080. This increase in parked vehicles are a hazard to pedestrians crossing to get to the estuary and this increases the risk of a bad accident happening. People in the village have witnessed near misses and it is requested that the Community Council support village concerns by submitting a letter to the Highways Department and requesting that the speed limit change from 40-mph to no speed limit change after the crossroads. Proposed M T Smithurst, Seconded K Woods. K Woods thanked Peter and Jan Owens for bringing their concerns to the Community Council.

Action: Clerk to submit a letter to the Highways Department.

6.2 Residents Only Parking Signs

Complaints have been received regarding the Residents Only Parking Signs being put up by householders in the Village. C G Topps proposed the Community Council investigate getting a Village Permit Scheme set up. Seconded by K Woods. Cllr B Owen questioned that most of the houses with these signs had parking at the rear of their houses, it was agreed that there were insufficient spaces. Both Cllr B Owen and Cllr P Rogers agreed it was an excellent idea.

Action: Clerk to research scheme.