Meeting of the Aberffraw Community Council

held at the Old School Gallery, at 7 pm Wednesday the 19th August 2020


Present:               J H Owens (Chair), E Evans, W Hughes, R F Owen, C G Topps, A Jones,

Cllr Bryan Owen,


Apologies:           R B Owen, K Woods, A Hughes, M T Smithurst, Cllr Peter Rogers


1.            Minutes

No meetings held due to Covid-19.  Proposed C G Topps, Seconded J H Owens.

Action: Clerk to post on Notice Board at the Village Hall

2.            Matters Arising from the Internal Audit

a)  Agree and sign the Audit Forms.  Agreed by Members and signed by Mr J Owens – Chair and Miss S Gill – Clerk

                Action: Clerk to forward to BDO for external Audit

b) Invoice for work carried out in the Village Hall.  Mrs Mahon requested the invoice be in the name of the Community Council so that the VAT could be claimed back.  This proposal was agreed by the Community Council and the sum to cover the VAT was payed to the Village Hall Management Committee.  This has been identified as bad practice.  If the Community Council claimed the VAT back, they are open to investigation by HMRC. The Community Council proposed that the VAT would not be claimed back and that the amount payed to the Village Hall Management Committee would be processed as a donation.  Cllr B Owen stated that it cannot be allowed to happen again.  Proposed E Evans, Seconded A Jones

Action: Clerk to write a letter to the Village Hall Management Committee outlining the issue.

c) As Trustees of the Village Hall, the Community Council should be periodically checking the Village Hall Accounts.  The Community Council agreed that this is not currently carried out. 

d) Payment of rents for Allotments.  All rents had been properly accounted for.  It was recommended that the Community Council adopt a more secure method of payment mechanism, whereby tenants pay the rent due by Standing Order.  Currently tenants have the choice of paying by cash, cheque and BACS.

Action: Clerk to add Standing Order as an option on the next Allotment Renewal Letters.

e) November Minutes do not reflect the resignation of the Clerk.  The Community Council recognised this omission and noted it for the minutes of this meeting.

3.            Village Hall Insurance

a) The Village Hall – building and fixtures are being revalued for insurance purposes on 26th August 2020.

b) The insurers Zurich Municipal advise that under normal procedures, the Village Hall Management Committee should be considered as tenants and therefore responsible for the insuring of all moveable fixtures and contents.  The Community Council proposed that a letter advising of this be forwarded to the Village Hall Management Committee.  Proposed C Topps, Seconded W Hughes

Action: Clerk to write a letter to the Village Hall Management Committee outlining the recommendation.

4.            Public Toilet

The Village Hall Management Committee informed the Community Council by email, that they are no longer able to manage the upkeep of the Public Toilet.  They wish to “hand it back” to the Community Council or it would have to remain closed. 

Cllr B Owen stated that the Public Toilet had always been part of the Village Hall and had been installed within the Refurbishment Grant from the County Council.  Consideration would have to be given to whether the County Council would request some of the Refurbishment Grant returned if the Public Toilet was to remain closed.  C Topps stated it would be a disaster if the Refurbishment Grant had to be paid back and that the Village should be able to offer a Public Toilet. 

Before making any decisions on the retaining of the Public Toilet, the Community Council would require information on the details of the Refurbishment Grant and a Financial Breakdown from the Village Hall Management Committee on the cost of keeping the Public Toilet.  Proposed C Topps, Seconded J H Owens.

Action: Clerk to write a letter to the Village Hall Management Committee requesting Financial Breakdown and to invite two members of the committee to attend a meeting to discuss all the points raised during this meeting.

5.            Telephone Box – Bodorgan Square

Notification has been received to confirm the removal of the telephone box.  The Community Council confirmed it has outlived its usefulness and have no objections to its removal.

Action:  Clerk to respond to notification.

6.            Complaint – Dogs Chasing Children and Attacking Dogs on the Beach

A complaint has been received from a member of the community, regarding his dog being attacked by a Dog off the lead in the vicinity of the Beach and Estuary.  All complaints received must be debated by the Community Council.  The Community Council discarded the idea that there should be signs to request owners to be responsible for the behaviour of their dog. The outcome of the debate was that the Community Council have no jurisdiction in matters such as this and the complaint should be directed at the North Wales Police. Proposed C Topps, Seconded E Evans.

Action:  Clerk to respond to the complainant.

7.            Any Other Business

a) Overgrowth of trees over pavement – Concerns regarding trees at 26 Bodorgan Square.

Action:  Clerk to contact Bodorgan Estate / County Council Highways Department

b) Llewelyn Street – concerns regarding the overgrown grassed area.  Clerk has already contacted Bodorgan Estates and issued a reminder.

                Action: Clerk to again contact Bodorgan Estate

c) Resident Only Parking Signs – Complaints regarding the signs currently being put up in the Village by residents.  The Community Council have no jurisdiction to request the signs be taken down, however, it was noted that the signs are illegal, invalid and unenforceable.  They also require planning consent from the County Council Highways Department

d) Cross Hatching Lines at the Old Bridge – A copy letter to the County Council Highways Department was received from P Owens.  Cllr B Owen has taken the letter to follow up.

e) Field Adjacent to the Cemetery – The Community Council can purchase the land for a nominal amount of £1 plus solicitor fees.  It was unanimously agreed that the purchase should go ahead.

Action:  Clerk to progress with the County Council and Solicitors.

f) Dog Poo Disposal Bins– It was agreed that two more bins be requested from the County Council.  One has already been requested to be placed on the Dune side of the Old Bridge.  Another one is to be requested for placing at the Cemetery.

Action: Clerk to request.


8.            Updates from Cllr B Owen

a) Stones missing on the Old Bridge.  Engineers have twice been to inspect the Old Bridge, accompanied by Cllr B Owen.  CADW must give permission and this has been delayed due to restrictions of Covid-19.  It was proposed that the stones be removed from the Estuary to preserve them. 

Action: C Topps

b) Disabled Access exit from the footpath between Bro Branwen and the Village Hall.  Cllr B Owen has had confirmation from the County Council Highways Department that this is in hand.  Cllr B Owen to keep behind this request.

c) Road to the Lake.  Cllr B Owen has again contacted the County Council Highways Department for an update on this.

9.            Finance – 1st Quarter





Liam Jones Grass cutting

£ 1,075.00


Clerk Salary

£    343.00


Aberffraw Football Club Donation               

£    200.00


Bodorgan Estates Rent

£ 3,844.00


Liam Jones Grass cutting

£    690.00


Zurich Municipal Insurance

£ 1,026.36


Admin Stationery

£       57.20


One Voice Wales Membership

£    118.00


Liam Jones Grass cutting

£    690.00





WO &M Williams Cemetery - reopen grave

£      75.00

Various YNYS MON                               

Grants / Precept

£ 2,966.66

Various Allotments                               


£ 5,166.70